Birth Injuries

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Medical negligence during prenatal care or childbirth can have catastrophic consequences for the newborn and the whole family. The most serious injuries, such as cerebral palsy, can generate a lifetime of needs and expenses for in-home assistance, adaptive technology and future medical treatment.

Attorney Marlie Willer has successfully represented families from all over the United States in birth injury litigation, especially brachial plexus injury claims. Our goal is to help parents recover the financial compensation necessary to meet the increased financial demands of raising a severely injured or disabled child and to give the child future financial security to make up for his or her disadvantages in pursuing a freely chosen career.

Examples of the kinds of birth injury claims we handle include:

  • Brachial plexus injury caused by negligence during delivery or prenatal care
  • Erb’s palsy and other permanent complications of shoulder dystocia
  • Avoidable injuries suffered during traumatic delivery
  • Cerebral palsy caused by medical errors during delivery
  • Negligence in diagnosing or treating the conditions that can lead to a high-risk delivery
  • Negligence on the part of a nurse midwife
  • Negligence on the part of a nurse or hospital staff member

Your Voice Will Be Heard

Marlie believes that every family and child that has been injured due to no fault of their own deserves to have a voice. Families and children that have suffered birth trauma are often left in the dark and sent home without any explanation. With Marlie by your side, your voice will be heard. She is committed to advocating on your behalf and revealing the facts so although your child may have limitations physically or cognitively, they will have a chance of living a better life.

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