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Finding Just Compensation for Auto Accident Injuries

Even “minor” road accidents can result in major injuries. At Liro Willer Law, our personal injury practice handles injuries resulting from automobile accidents. Partner Marlie H. Willer brings to these personal injury cases the years of legal experience and deep familiarity with medicine that have won favorable settlements and verdicts for clients in medical malpractice and birth injury cases.

What Sort of Injuries Result from Road Accidents?

The injuries that result from vehicle accidents are as numerous and diverse as the scenarios of those accidents. A low-speed rear-end collision at a stop sign on a residential street could result in long-term whiplash that, while minor in the face of “what might have happened,” can still require thousands of dollars of physical therapy and months of life spent with pain and limited mobility.

Other scenarios, such as a multicar pile-up or a pedestrian collision, can result in catastrophic injuries that alter the whole course or quality of a victim’s life. In cases such as these, the expertise of Liro Willer in handling catastrophic personal injuries finds further expression.

Beyond the physical toll, car accidents can produce tremendous stress and distress for survivors. Whether coping with post-traumatic stress that makes getting behind the wheel again a daunting prospect, dealing with lost wages from shifts dropped, or even being hassled by long periods on hold with an insurance company, an auto accident can make it feel like your life is in the body shop, as well as your vehicle.

How Can Liro Willer Help Me?

In all cases, partner Marlie H. Willer brings to the table her years of experience in handling complex injury cases. By applying a thorough understanding of the science and medicine that undergirds an injury case, Attorney Willer builds air-tight, detailed causation claims that directly and incontrovertibly tie plaintiff’s injuries to the accident that caused them.

As well as legal expertise, it is Attorney Willer’s goal to provide an understanding ear and human compassion to all of the firm’s clients.

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