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Representing You in Your Personal Injury Case

Liro Willer Law represents clients in a variety of personal injury cases.

The firm focuses on building a strong evidentiary basis for the case, along with providing understanding and comfort during a difficult time.  Partner Marlie Willer is with clients all the way through the legal process, rather than delegating cases to associates.

General Tort Negligence

At the heart of every personal injury case is the need to establish who was responsible for a given situation and what their basic obligation to others was in that situation. Liro Willer excels in establishing who had control of or responsibility for a situation (liability) and demonstrating how they failed to live up to a minimal duty of care (negligence), resulting in injury.

Premise Liability

If you or a loved one were injured on someone else’s property as a result of that person’s negligence, you may be able to recover damages against the property owner. Marlie Willer has represented clients’ cases in a wide variety of premise liability cases. In each case, she focuses on establishing the facts and firmly demonstrating where liability lies.

Slip and Fall

As part of the firm’s premise liability practice, Liro Willer also has the experience and expertise to establish liability and successfully advocate in court for clients injured in trips, slips, or falls. Whether the injury resulted from an unmaintained snowy walkway, a slippery pool deck, or a dangerously uneven floor, rest assured that Liro Willer will strongly advocate on your behalf.


Liro Willer represents clients seeking compensation for injuries sustained in an accident, including car accidents. As in all cases taken on by Liro Willer, clients in accident injury cases can expect not only excellent legal representation, but also compassion and accompaniment during what can be a distressing and exhausting time.

Catastrophic Injury

Liro Willer represents clients seeking compensation for life-changing injuries. Previous cases represented by Marlie Willer have included catastrophic injuries resulting from falls from a roof. Like in all her represented cases, Marlie brings to the catastrophic injury practice an understanding of medicine necessary to build a strong evidentiary case that the injury is, indeed, life-changing and the consequence of someone else’s negligence, along with the compassion and care that catastrophic injury victims and their families deserve.

Compassion and Competence for Personal Injury Clients

If you are seeking energetic and compassionate representation for your potential personal injury case, Liro Willer Law is here for a free case evaluation. Call the office today to discuss the particulars of your situation, at no obligation.

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